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Surf Tour

With our tour guide and a maximum of four surfers, the best spots in the north of Fuerteventura are explored by 4WD. Whether you are looking for world-class reef waves on the North Shore, a dreamy beach break on the western cliffs, or the endless sandy beaches of the east coast, you will discover new waves year-round, tailored to your surf level. The wide variety of breaks in three different directions and the local knowledge of our tour guide guarantee a perfect surfing experience! Many breaks are only accessible by 4×4 and are untraceable without local knowledge.

If you want to shred the best waves with your own equipment and have a great time with new surf dudes and surf girls, then join us on the tour. Boogie boarders and sunbathers are welcome!

The harbor spot and Rocky Point will satisfy your surf hunger even before breakfast. The requirements for participation are a safe take-off and controlled surfing in 1.5-meter-high waves.

No equipment or too expensive to bring it? In our accessory shop and Buster Surfboard Test Center, we definitely have just the right thing for you. Optimal conditions for shortboarders are from September to June and for longboarders all year round.

Course 1 Day 5 Days 6 Days 10 Days 12 Days
Surf Tour (min. 3 people) 30 € 150 € 180 € 290 € 350 €