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Galera Apartments

The Galera Apartments have their own access to the beach. They are located on the front line of Galera Beach in the heart of Corralejo, where the great beginner and SUP wave, “El Bunker,” breaks. If you get up early, you might even be the first in the water! The promenade with views of the islands of Lanzarote and Lobos is perfect for strolling or beach activities. There is a playground and a skate ramp around the corner for kids. Our neighbors, the “Galera Bar,” with a restaurant and a fisherman’s pub, offer culinary delights with a sea view. Self-caterers will also find an affordable supermarket on the main street.

What's included

~ Surf course / Surf taxi (Monday to Saturday)

~ Surf equipment available outside of course times

~ Free rental of beach accessories

~ Free BBQ every Friday

~ Bed linen and towels

The spacious apartments are all equipped with their own kitchen, 1 to 2 bedrooms, a crib, a living room with a sofa bed and TV, a bathroom, and a terrace. Ideal for sunbathing, swimming, yoga, playing, and relaxing, making your surf day perfect. 

At the communal pool with BBQ, you will quickly connect with other guests. Your board and wetsuit are available outside of course times if you want to catch another wave. Upon request, we can organize private yoga and Pilates classes for you!

Additionally, you can book a surf course at our surf school: €270 for 6 days or €520 for 12 days per person, including transfer and equipment.

Families can also choose our Family Package, which includes a rental car and the surf course.

Galera Apartment + Surf Course

Accommodation 7 Nights + 6 x Course 14 Nights + 12 x Course
Apt. Galera, 1 Person 1040 € 2020 €
Apt. Galera, 2 Persons 1310 € 2500 €
Apt. Galera, 3 Persons 1650 € 3120 €
Apt. Galera, 4 Persons 1990 € 3740 €

Galera Apartment + Surf Taxi

Accommodation 7 Nights + 6 x Surf Taxi 14 Nights + 12 x Surf Taxi
Apt. Galera, 1 Person 920 € 1780 €
Apt. Galera, 2 Persons 1070 € 2020 €
Apt. Galera, 3 Persons 1290 € 2400 €
Apt. Galera, 4 Persons 1510 € 2780 €